Privacy Policy


In today’s technology age, the protection and retention of your private information is essential. We acknowledge this bedrock concern and have included herein a privacy policy for your reference and understanding. Please note that this policy refers to Glasses Galore Pty Ltd and its related companies, including the parent company, it’s subsidiaries and/or partners and will also be referred to as ‘we’ or ‘our’ in this policy. All policies and procedures are in line with Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).


Where and how do we attain your person information?


All information that we attain from customers is either through the telephone or online. This information will be collected with each purchase or alternatively through updates to the personal online account. Where a prescription is not provided either by email, fax or upload, we may be required to contact your prior optometrist as selected and approved by you. Such information may be pertaining, but not limited to customer details such as address and contact information. All consequent records from purchases will be kept on our secure database.

Our website employs the usage of cookies. Cookies refers to a function enabled through one’s web browser that retains information from a specific website. It is widely used in e-commerce for its enablement of features such as personal data preferences, identification and tracking purposes. It serves as a useful tool, offering Glasses Galore Pty Ltd the opportunity to enhance and customize your online experience. If you would prefer to disable this feature, it can be done in your web browser preferences, however some features on our website may be dismantled by such action.

By providing any details through the website, be it relating to your person or optical prescription, you grant us full consent to have that information.


What do we use your personal information for?

The information that we have collected from you will be utilized for the sole purpose of ensuring the ongoing provision of optimal optical products. This can be achieved by facilitating business functions such as market research, contact lens reminders, promotions and customer feedback. It may also be used for reference to 3rd parties such as medical specialists, health funds or government organizations. Uses of your personal information is not limited to this list, however, any use of your information will be conducted with the principles of this privacy policy, the applicable law and your confidentiality in mind.


How do we keep your personal information secure?

The personal information that we collect of yours is treated with the intention of keeping it secure and confidential. All information, either housed on hard or soft copy is protected by industry recognized software and protocol. All documentation in hard copy is protected by physical security measures. Additionally, firewalls and the latest security software safeguard information stored on computer devices across our network. The importance of confidentiality is heralded in the preventative measures we take in both the physical and online medium.


Who has access to your personal information?

The personal information that we have either in hard copy or on the computer database, can only be accessed by employees of Glasses Galore Pty Ltd or authorized personnel engaged for maintenance, IT work or other necessary functions. All computers and databases are equipped with password authorizations, held only by our staff or designated personnel for the purpose of carrying out functions as mentioned above. At the request of a court of law, we may be further obliged to disclose certain information, should the need arise during any possible legal dispute in the future.


Breaches in security

Unfortunately, being the nature of the technological landscape, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information, despite all necessary and required procedures to minimize the risk. As such, we do not accept any liability for the consequences of unauthorized use of personal information. Any staff-member caught misusing a customer’s personal information will be dealt with by our disciplinary panel, which may result in dismissal. Additionally, any online breach of security will be dealt with swiftly, in order to reestablish the safety of our network and protection of your privacy.


Can the privacy policy be amended?

At our discretion, we may need to alter the privacy policy in some manner. To ensure that you are aware of any changes, please revisit this page regularly for any updates.


Additional Information

If you have any requests regarding updating, removing or any other question pertaining to the privacy policy and your personal information, please contact the Glasses Galore Pty Ltd on 02) 4907 6880.