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  • How do I find a frame that is right for my face and personality?
    The Glasses Galore web interface has been created to make it easy for you to find a frame that suits your face and personality. On the left hand side, there is a navigation bar that you can use to find a frame according to brand, style, colour and even suitability for either reading/distance or multifocal prescription lenses.
  • How do I know if the frame I choose will suit my face?
    Consider whether your face is narrow, wide, long or short and find a frame that will suit. This is not as hard as you think and the frame selection online has been specifically chosen to be widely fitted. If you would like to try on a frame before you buy, call us on 02 4907 6880, or email us to make the arrangements.
  • What contact lenses do I buy?
    If you require contact lenses for the first time, it is likely that your optical provider has given you a prescription and a recommendation for the type of contact lens that would suit you. For example, Johnson and Johnson Oasys is the brand and type of contact lens that is widely worn. If you are unsure what lens you require, consult your optical provider.
  • I cannot find my contact lenses online?
    Sometimes there are different names for the same type of contact lens and also, they often are discontinued due to advancements in technology and therefore upgrades in the material. If you cannot find the contact lenses online on Glasses Galore then contact us and we can discuss why.
  • How do I know what prescription lenses I require?
    In many ways, we do this for you to make your buying experience simpler. Our Optometrists and Optical Dispensers are on hand to advise and check on every prescription that is received. All you need to let us know is whether your prescription lenses are required for reading/distance or alternatively multifocal (progressive) and which prescription lens upgrades you would like.
  • What prescription lens upgrades can I add to my prescription glasses?

    All prescription lenses that are provided with frames online are of the highest quality. However, the prescription lens upgrades that we offer are a great way to enhance your vision and comfort. The prescription lens upgrades that we offer are:

    • 1.6 index prescription lenses – this is a thinner and lighter lens and is highly recommended for certain scripts. The Glasses Galore prescription input process will automatically prompt when this upgrade is required and for those prescriptions will make the glasses more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The 1.6 index prescription lens is approximately 25% thinner than the 1.5 index (this is a rough percentage).
    • 1.67 index prescription lenses – this is the thinnest and lightest lens that we offer and is recommended for certain scripts. If your prescription input has prompted a thinner lens, upgrade to the 1.67 for an even better and more comfortable finish. The 1.67 index prescription lens is approximately 25% thinner than the 1.6 index (this is a rough percentage).
    • Anti-reflective coating – otherwise known as a multicoat, the antireflective coating will make your prescription lenses clearer to look through and look at. It reduces a large amount of glare that an ordinarily coated prescription lens would allow and is especially recommended for people who use the computer, are regularly under bright lights and drive the car with prescription glasses. Looking in, antireflective coating will make your glasses far more aesthetically pleasing and impressive.
    • Transition coating – transition coating for prescription lenses has taken the world of eyewear by storm. This technology allows the prescription lenses to be light indoors and then go darker when exposed to sunlight. This coating upgrade is perfect for you if you want to save on buying a pair of glasses and sunglasses, rather joining the two into one convenient pair of glasses.
    • UV and tint coating – If you see a pair of a pair of glasses online you like, why not turn them into sunglasses? You can choose the colour tint you would like as well. This will cut out UV radiation from the sun.
    • Polarised lenses - polarised lenses are the most advanced sunglass technology and cut out more glare and UV than a standard sunglass coating and tint. We advise polarised lenses for you if you spend time in the car, on the boat, at the beach, cycling or on the golf course. Most people who try polarised lenses find it very difficult to go back to normal sunglass coatings!
  • I only want to purchase the frame, without the lenses?
    If you want to buy only the frame, without the prescription lenses the click on the button 'BUY NOW WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION LENSES' in grey, next to the red button.
  • If I already have a frame, can I purchase prescription lenses for it from Glasses Galore?
    We find many customers come to Glasses Galore already with a frame and want to purchase prescription lenses for them, which is why we do offer this service. This is because the prices Glasses Galore can offer on prescription lenses are considerably cheaper than the bricks and mortar alternative. If this is you, then call us on 02 4907 6880 or email us.